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Alex Steinweiss The Inventor of the Modern Album Cover

Kevin Reagan , Steven Heller

Alex Steinweiss The Inventor of the Modern Album Cover
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Product info / Cechy produktu
Rodzaj (nośnik) / Item type książka / book
Dział / Department Książki i czasopisma / Books and periodicals
Autor / Author Kevin Reagan , Steven Heller
Tytuł / Title Alex Steinweiss
Podtytuł / Subtitle The Inventor of the Modern Album Cover
Język / Language angielski
Wydawca / Publisher Taschen
Rok wydania / Year published 2022
Rodzaj oprawy / Cover type Twarda z obwolutą
Wymiary / Size 14.5x20.0
Liczba stron / Pages 552
Ciężar / Weight 1,3200 kg
ISBN 9783836557764 (9783836557764)
EAN/UPC 9783836557764
Stan produktu / Condition nowy / new - sprzedajemy wyłącznie nowe nieużywane produkty
The inventor of album art
“I love music so much and I had such ambition that I was willing to go way beyond what the hell they paid me for. I wanted people to look at the artwork and hear the music.” —Alex Steinweiss

Alex Steinweiss (1917–2011) invented the album cover as we know it. In 1940, as Columbia Records’ young new art director, he pitched an idea: why not replace the standard plain brown wrapper with an eye-catching illustration? The company took a chance, and within months its record sales increased by over 800 percent.

Over the next three decades, Steinweiss made thousands of original artworks for classical, jazz, and popular record covers for Columbia, Decca, London, and Everest; as well as logos, labels, advertising material, even his own typeface, the Steinweiss Scrawl. His daring designs, gathered here in all their bright combinations of bold typography with modern, elegant illustration, revolutionized the way music was sold.

The book includes Steinweiss’s personal recollections and ephemera from an epic career, as well as insightful essays by three-time Grammy Award–winning art director/designer Kevin Reagan and graphic design historian Steven Heller.

Książka Alex Steinweiss z wysyłką za granicę

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