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Toys 100 Years of All-American Toy Ads [Oprawa Twarda]
Steven Heller

Playthings From the Past For the Present Up until the 20th century, children’s play was not a subject that demanded much attention. While objects that entertained children have been present from anc

Free Hand New Typography Sketchbooks [Oprawa Miękka]
Steven Heller , Lita Talarico

Steven Heller, the world's foremost graphic-design commentator, and Lita Talarico, design educator, open up designers' personal sketchbooks to provide an intimate look at the creative processes behin

Stencil Type [Oprawa Miękka]
Steven Heller , Louise Fili

Stencils are ubiquitous in the fields of industry, military, traffic and transportation, as well as in the home, often applied as ornamental patterns on cabinets, walls and floors. And because they a

100 Illustrators [Oprawa Twarda]
Steven Heller , Julius Wiedemann

Fine lines 100 illustrators to remember Drawn from TASCHEN s Illustration Now! series, this go-to catalog brings together 100 of the most successful and important illustrators around the globe. W

Jak zaprojektować doskonałe logo 50 mistrzowskich .. [Oprawa Miękka]
Steven Heller , Gail Anderson

Strzałki, zawijasy, wstęgi, kule, promienie słoneczne, równoległe poziome i pionowe linie, słowa, litery, kształty i obrazy. Logotypy to wszechobecne projekty graficzne symbolizujące idee, przekonani

Slab Serif Type A Century of Bold Letterforms [Oprawa Miękka]
Steven Heller , Louise Fili

Since being introduced in the 19th century, when they were considered the bastard cousins of more refined serif types, slab serif typefaces have become ubiquitous. Prized for their bold visual impact

Menu Design in Europe [Oprawa Twarda]
Steven Heller

A culinary and graphic travelogue through Europe Jim Heimann’s new book on Menu Design in Europe is a mouthwatering feast for the eyes, featuring hundreds of European menus from the early 19th centu

All-American Ads of the 70s [Oprawa Twarda]
Steven Heller

Ads of the 1970s get funky and socially conscious Both eclipsed and influenced by television, American print ads of the 1970s departed from the bold, graphic forms and subtle messages that were ty

Stencil Type [Oprawa Twarda]
Steven Heller , Louise Fili

Low-cost and mass-producible, stencil type is the world’s most universally used style, seen on everything from bridges to bags, from street signs to packaging. And because they are an affordable mean

Head to Toe The Nude in Graphic Design [Oprawa Miękka]
Steven Heller , Mirko Ilic

A beautifully designed flexibound edition that comes in a slipcase, this is a first of it’s kind celebration featuring more than 600 examples of the human body as represented in graphic design, this

Menu Design in America [Oprawa Twarda]
Jim Heimann , Steven Heller , John Mariani

Gastronomy meets graphics, in this irresistible collection of American menus from the mid-19th century to the 1980s. Not only an excellent insight into our evolving eating habits, this lineup of some

Alex Steinweiss The Inventor of the Modern Album C.. [Oprawa Twarda]
Kevin Reagan , Steven Heller

The inventor of album art “I love music so much and I had such ambition that I was willing to go way beyond what the hell they paid me for. I wanted people to look at the artwork and hear the music.

Type Tells Tales [Oprawa Miękka]
Steven Heller , Gail Anderson

A fresh look at typographic design as an art and as a storytelling device that expresses narratives, emotions, and voice. Stretching the boundaries of typographic expression, Type Tells Tales is a s

Comics Sketchbooks The Unseen World of Today's Mos.. [Oprawa Miękka]
Steven Heller

From cartoons to the graphic novel, from humour to super-heroes, comics are the world's most popular form of illustration. What we rarely see is the thinking – the image-and-word play, narrative sequ

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