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How to Use Your Enemies [Oprawa Miękka]
Baltasar Gracian

In these witty, Machiavellian aphorisms, unlikely Spanish priest Baltasar Gracián shows us how to exploit friends and enemies alike to thrive in a world of deception and illusion. Introducing Litt
3,43 zł
7,07 zł

The Communist Manifesto [Oprawa Miękka]
Karl Marx , Friedrich Engels

Marx and Engels's revolutionary summons to the working classes - one of the most important and influential political theories ever formulated. Introducing Little Black Classics: 80 books for Pengu
10,83 zł
13,13 zł

A Room of Ones Own and Three Guineas [Oprawa Miękka]
Virginia Woolf

'A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction' Ranging from the silent fate of Shakespeare's gifted (imaginary) sister to Jane Austen, Charlotte Brontë and the effects
45,20 zł

Pride and Prejudice [Oprawa Miękka]
Jane Austen

When two rich young gentlemen move to town, they don't go unnoticed - especially when Mrs Bennett vows to have one of her five daughters marry into their fortunes. But love, as Jane and Elizabeth Ben
30,48 zł

Is this a dagger which I see before me? [Oprawa Miękka]
William Shakespeare

'And when I shall die, Take him and cut him out in little stars.' This collection of Shakespeare's soliloquies, including both old favourites and lesser-known pieces, shows him at his dazzling be
6,33 zł
14,33 zł

Pride and Prejudice Penguin Readers Level 4: [Oprawa Miękka]
Jane Austen

Elizabeth Bennet, the daughter of an English country gentleman, meets Mr Darcy, a rich man who owns land. At first, Elizabeth hates him and thinks he is proud, but slowly her feelings start to change
25,31 zł

Orlando [Oprawa Miękka]
Virginia Woolf

Once described as the 'longest and most charming love-letter in literature', the Virginia Woolf's Orlando is edited by Brenda Lyons with an introduction and notes by Sandra M. Gilbert in Penguin Clas
35,55 zł

Orwell in Spain [Oprawa Miękka]
George Orwell

George Orwell's experience of the Spanish Civil War had a transformative effect on his life and work. This volume brings together his complete writings on the war, including Homage to Catalonia, his
66,68 zł

The Diary of a Young Girl [Oprawa Miękka]
Anne Frank

Anne Frank's The Diary of a Young Girl is an inspiring and tragic account of an ordinary life lived in extraordinary circumstances that has enthralled readers for generations. This Penguin Classics e
40,49 zł

What Is Existentialism? [Oprawa Miękka]
Simone de Beauvoir

'It is possible for man to snatch the world from the darkness of absurdity' How should we think and act in the world? These writings on the human condition by one of the twentieth century's great
32,03 zł

To the Lighthouse [Oprawa Miękka]
Virginia Woolf

'One of the greatest elegies in the English language, a book which transcends time' Margaret Drabble To the Lighthouse is at once a vivid impressionistic depiction of a family, the Ramseys, whose
43,80 zł

The Castle [Oprawa Miękka]
Franz Kafka

The Castle is the story of K., the unwanted Land Surveyor who is never to be admitted to the Castle nor accepted in the village, and yet cannot go home. As he encounters dualities of certainty and do
39,67 zł

One Hundred Poets One Poem Each [Oprawa Miękka]

The best-loved and most widely read of all Japanese poetry collections, the Ogura Hyakunin Isshu contains 100 short poems on nature, the seasons, travel, and, above all, love. Dating back to the seve
56,00 zł

The Nightingales are drunk [Oprawa Miękka]

'Drunk or sober, king or soldier, none will be excluded' Sensual, profound, delighted, wise, Hafez's poems have enchanted their readers for more than 600 years. One of the greatest figures of worl
5,06 zł
7,07 zł

The Constitution of the United States [Oprawa Miękka]
Founding Fathers

Enshrining the fundamental rights and freedoms of its citizens in law, and curbing the power of those who rule them, the US constitution is one of the most significant documents in the history of dem
14,27 zł

The Box Man [Oprawa Miękka]
Kobo Abe

'This is the record of a box man'. Anonymous and alone, the box man peeps out of his cut-out eyeholes and watches the world from behind his four cardboard walls. At first repulsed by the strange phen
53,43 zł

Why Vegan? [Oprawa Miękka]
Peter Singer

'So the only question is: do animals other than man suffer?' One of the great moral philosophers of the modern age, Peter Singer asks unflinching questions about how we should live our lives. The
32,03 zł

Anarchist Communism [Oprawa Miękka]
Peter Kropotkin

Fuelled by anger at injustice and optimism about humankind's ability to make a better, truly communal society, the anarchist writings of Peter Kropotkin have influenced radicals the world over, from
32,03 zł

How To Be a Stoic [Oprawa Miękka]
Epictetus , Seneca , Marcus Aurelius

Don't hope that events will turn out the way you want, welcome events in whichever way they happen' How can we cope when life's events seem beyond our control? These words of consolation and inspi
32,03 zł

Three Japanese Buddhist Monks [Oprawa Miękka]

I have relinquished all that ties me to the world, but the one thing that still haunts me is the beauty of the sky' These simple, inspiring writings by three medieval Buddhist monks offer peace an
36,73 zł

Last Witnesses [Oprawa Miękka]
Svetlana Alexievich

Extraordinary stories about what it was like to be a Soviet child during the upheaval and horror of the Second World War, from Nobel Laureate Svetlana Alexievich What did it mean to grow up in the
57,71 zł

One Swallow Does Not Make a Summer [Oprawa Miękka]

'One swallow does not make a summer; neither does one day. Similarly neither can one day, or a brief space of time, make a man blessed and happy' What does it mean to be a good person? Ranging ove
32,03 zł

The Power of Words [Oprawa Miękka]
Simone Weil

There are certain words which possess, in themselves, when properly used, a virtue which illumines and lifts up towards the good' The philosopher and activist Simone Weil was one of the most coura
32,03 zł

When I Dare to Be Powerful [Oprawa Miękka]
Audre Lorde

'Women so empowered are dangerous' Written with a 'black woman's anger' and the precision of a poet, these searing pieces by the groundbreaking writer Audre Lorde are a celebration of female stren
32,03 zł

Matilda [Oprawa Miękka]
Mary Shelley

Mary Shelley's dark story of a bereaved man's disturbing passion for his daughter was suppressed by her own father, and not published for over a century. One of 46 new books in the bestselling Lit
15,62 zł

The Romance of the Three Kingdoms [Oprawa Miękka]
Luo Guanzhong

Part historical and part legendary, The Romance of the Three Kingdoms dramatizes the lives of feudal lords and their retainers, recounting their personal and military battles, intrigues and struggles
66,68 zł

Walden 13 [Oprawa Miękka]
Henry Thoreau

Inspiring, brilliantly written, cantankerous and funny - Walden is both a very specific story about one man's attempt to live the simple life in the wilderness, and the great, founding text both for
35,38 zł

Metamorphosis [Oprawa Miękka]
Franz Kafka

Featuring an ordinary man who wakes up to find himself turned into a giant cockroach, Kafka's masterpiece of unease and black humour, Metamorphosis, is brought together here with the best of his shor
37,38 zł

To Be Read at Dusk [Oprawa Miękka]
Charles Dickens

Three ghostly tales from a master of the form, 'The Signalman', 'The Trial for Murder' and the title story, 'To Be Read at Dusk'. One of 46 new books in the bestselling Little Black Classics serie
15,62 zł

Star Maker [Oprawa Miękka]
Olaf Stapledon

Driven out into the night by the bitterness of his life, an Englishman finds himself contemplating the night sky - its immensity, its mystery. Without explanation, he suddenly finds himself floating
49,15 zł

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