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Leave if you love w.ukraińska

Colleen Hoover

Leave if you love w.ukraińska
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Product info / Cechy produktu
Dział / Department Książki i czasopisma / Books and periodicals
Autor / Author Colleen Hoover
Tytuł / Title Zostaw, jeśli kochasz wer. ukraińska
Wydawca / Publisher Vivat
Rok wydania / Year published 2018
Rodzaj oprawy / Cover type Miękka
Wymiary / Size 20.0x13.0
Liczba stron / Pages 352
Ciężar / Weight 0,2780 kg
ISBN 978-966-942-514-0 (9789669425140)
EAN/UPC 9789669425140
Stan produktu / Condition nowy / new - sprzedajemy wyłącznie nowe nieużywane produkty

The bright and somewhat melodramatic plot of the novel turns out to be a successful screen, behind which reflections on current social and psychological problems are placed, one of which is violence in the family. The main character Lily, whose prototype is partly the author herself, loses her father and again plunges into memories of her difficult childhood. The house of her parents, respected and decent citizens, was never a cozy family nest, because Lily and her mother lived in constant tension due to the aggressive nature of her father. Finally, the girl is ready to set foot on her own path and build her own family. However, she will not be able to find peace until she overcomes all the shadows of the past and dares to break the vicious circle woven from truth, fear, forgiveness, indecision and love.

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